Non Surgical Nose Job – Reshape With Precision

Refine the contours of your nose without surgery with our Liquid Rhinoplasty


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30 Minutes

Recovery time:


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Results last for:

9 - 12 Months


From £350


30 Minutes


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Result time:

9-12 months

The non-surgical Nose Job at SkinHD offers a precise and non-invasive solution for reshaping your nose. This treatment involves strategically injecting dermal fillers to correct slight imperfections, such as a ‘hooked’ nose, low or flat bridge and refining any irregularities after a traditional surgical rhinoplasty.


This non-permanent approach provides immediate results with minimal downtime, allowing you to achieve your desired nose shape without opting for surgery.

What concerns do Non-Surgical Nose Job fillers address:
  • Reshape the nose bridge
  • Correct bumps, ridges or irregularities
  • Enhances symmetry
  • Defines the nasal tip
  • Ensure nose is proportionate to other features

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal Fillers used in the Non-Surgical Nose Job contain hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by the body. These fillers are injected to smooth out bumps, reduce the appearance of a ‘hooked’ nose, and lift the nasal tip. Interestingly, by enhancing symmetry and adding volume strategically, the nose can appear smaller, creating the illusion of improved proportions. This non-permanent procedure offers a versatile solution for reshaping and refining the nose without surgery.

Immediate improvement is noticeable after the treatment, with optimal results visible within 2 weeks as any swelling subsides.

Usually just one treatment is required to obtain the ideal result, but we can arrange review appointments for further refinement.

Results can last between 6-12 months, depending on the individual and lifestyle. The duration of results can be prolonged with regular maintenance sessions.

SkinHD is committed to using only the best brands with the highest quality products. For our liquid rhinoplasty, we’ve found that we achieve the best results using Juvederm products.

  • A liquid rhinoplasty is suitable for people seeking non-permanent changes to the nose shape.
  • Please note that a non-surgical nose job is not able to reduce the size of the nose or correct major imperfections, such as an extreme bump from a broken nose or alleviate any breathing difficulties – a traditional rhinoplasty may be the best option for these cases.
  • Free online consultations are available via WhatsApp and Zoom to ensure suitability.

We would recommend scheduling your appointment at least 2 weeks before any big events, to ensure that any swelling and/or bruising has subsided.

At SkinHD, our aim is to provide subtle enhancements that improve the shape of your nose without drawing attention to the fact you’ve had any work done. While you may notice a visible improvement in the contour and symmetry of your nose, our skilled practitioners prioritise a natural look that enhances your features discreetly.

Immediate post treatment effects, such as mild swelling, are temporary and can be managed to ensure a smooth and inconspicuous transition.

  • Avoid putting any pressure or make-up for a couple of hours after treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise and heat for 24 hours. Follow any additional instructions provided by your SkinHD practitioner.
  • If you experience any persistent or severe side effects, contact us promptly.

Yes, other dermal filler treatments, botox and skin booster treatments can all be used in combination easily with Non-Surgical Nose Jobs to achieve your ideal facial profile. We recommend waiting 2-3 weeks after your Liquid Rhinoplasty treatment before getting any other procedures done to ensure any swelling has completely resolved.

  • Common side effects include mild swelling and bruising, generally resolving in a week or two. While rare, severe complications can include asymmetry or prolonged swelling. Extremely rare complications include vascular occlusion and tissue necrosis. All practitioners that perform this treatment are medical professionals and are well-equipped to deal with any complications should they arise.
  • In the unlikely event of undesired outcomes, hyaluronidase can be used to effectively reverse the procedure.

If concerned about bruising, avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and alcohol 24 hours before your treatment. Arrive ideally without make-up, and a numbing cream will be provided. A free online consultation is required before treatment to ensure suitability.

Why choose SkinHD for my Liquid Rhinoplasty?

  • Over 20 years combined medical knowledge and experience
  • Champions of natural looking results
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  • No hard-sells or pushy sales techniques
  • Friendly and family run clinic in South Manchester
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