Skin Treatments


Improve your skin’s texture and vitality with our microneedling treatment at SkinHD.


Boost skin hydration, stimulate collagen production and target crepey skin with the revolutionary Profhilo Skin Booster Treatment

Redensity 1

Experience the brilliance of Redensity 1 – a radiant boost for glowing and healthy skin


Sunekos Performa is a skin booster treatment that not only restores volume loss but hydrates and rejuvenates the quality and health of the skin

WOW Fusion

Transform your skin with the revolutionary WOW fusion treatment at SkinHD – combining three popular aesthetics treatments in one for immediate improvement in texture, glow and overall health of the skin

Chemical Peels

Revive dull and tired looking skin with our chemical peel treatments to regain a glowing fresh appearance.

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