Profhilo – Bio Skin Remodelling

Boost skin hydration, stimulate collagen production and target crepey skin with the revolutionary Profhilo Skin Booster Treatment


From £450
(Course of 2 treatments)


30 Minutes

Recovery time:

24 Hours

See results in

6 Weeks

Results last for:

6 Months


From £450 (Course of 2)


30 Minutes


24 Hours

See Results in:

6 weeks

Result time:

6 Months

Profhilo is an innovative injectable treatment that contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market. Ideal for addressing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin laxity, Profhilo is not just a filler; it’s a skin remodelling hero. It’s potent hyaluronic acid composition deeply hydrates the skin from the inside out, combatting crepey skin and earning it the title of an ‘injectable moisturiser’. Moreover, it kickstarts collagen production, restoring firmness in the skin and gives a natural looking dewy and healthy glow.

What concerns do Profhilo fillers address:
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin laxity and firmness
  • Tightens and lifts skin
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Restore hydration and radiance

Frequently Asked Questions

Profhilo contains a very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which draws water to plump the skin and hydrates deeply from within. This also stimulates fibroblasts, which are responsible for collagen and elastin production, improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles, enhancing the texture of the skin, and boosting brightness for a natural looking glow.
Profhilo is perfect for targeting crepey, dull and ageing skin, giving a firmer and more luminous look.

Although traditional dermal fillers also contain hyaluronic acid, Profhilo doesn’t give the obvious boost in volume that fillers provide and doesn’t change the structure of the face, but rather gives an all-round plumped, firmer appearance. Profhilo’s unique formulation and slow release of HA stimulates collagen production, remodelling the skin from within. Profhilo is more about boosting the hydration of the skin and making it appear more radiant than contouring or enhancing any particular features.

Most clients benefit from two Profhilo sessions, space 4 weeks apart, for optimal results. Additional maintenance sessions of just one session are recommended every 4-6 months to prolong duration of results.

You will notice an improvement in the hydration of the skin within a week of treatment. With optimal results becoming apparent after the second treatment once the results collagen and elastin production becomes apparent.

Results from Profhilo last for around 6 months but can be extended with maintenance sessions. The initial treatment consists of 2 appointments 4 weeks apart, and maintenance treatments are just one session.

Profhilo is designed for individuals with dull, tired looking and crepey skin. It’s ideal for those over the age of 30, when collagen and elastin production naturally significantly decreases. Individual suitability varies, so we recommend a free online consultation with one of our medical practitioners to confirm.

To see the best results of your Profhilo treatment, we’d recommend scheduling your appointment at least 2 months before your big event.

Profhilo boosts your skin quality subtly, improving hydration and targeting crepey or sagging skin. The stimulation of collagen and elastin will provide a natural looking lift, without being obvious that you’ve had anything done.
Immediately after your treatment, you may experience some localised swelling and/or redness around the injection site, which usually resolves within the first 24 hours after treatment.

Avoid wearing make-up, excessive heat and vigorous exercise for 24 hours post treatment.
Avoid waxing, chemical peels, skin needling and laser treatments for at least 2 weeks after your treatment.
Avoiding alcohol and ibuprofen for 24 hours before and after treatment to help reduce chances of bruising
Cold compresses and an OTC antihistamine such as Piriton can help reduce swelling

Profhilo works well with lots of other treatments, such as Botox, to provide a full-face rejuvenation. Discuss your aesthetic goals with your SkinHD practitioner to explore complementary options.

Profhilo is generally well tolerated, but as with all aesthetic treatments, it carries a minimal risk of experiencing side effects. Common side effects include bruising, swelling and minor redness at the injection sites, which usually resolves within a couple of days. More serious side effects are rare, but can include an allergic reaction, granuloma or occlusion.

Avoid NSAIDs, fish oils and alcohol before your appointment to reduce chances of bruising.
Ideally arrive at your appointment without make-up, but don’t worry too much if you don’t as your practitioner will thoroughly cleanse the skin before carrying out the treatment.
Numbing cream will be provided to apply 15 minutes before your treatment

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